Sirman panini grills, model PD RR-RR PS.

Sirman panini grills, model PD RR-RR PS, are indispensable tools in professional kitchens and restaurants dedicated to preparing a variety of dishes. This versatile panini grill is specially designed for grilling meats, fish, eggs, vegetables, cheese, and other grill-friendly ingredients.

The key features and advantages of Sirman panini grills include their versatility, user-friendly operation, cast iron plates with a ceramic coating, adjustable upper plates, safety features, and industrial-grade performance.

Sirman panini grills, model PD RR-RR PS, serve as reliable tools for culinary professionals in the gastronomy industry, enabling them to create delicious and high-quality grilled dishes. Their robust construction, high efficiency, and adjustable settings make them the perfect choice for chefs who value quality, reliability, and ease of use.

Technical data:

Model: PD PS RR-RR
Power: 3000 W
Power Supply: 230V 50/60Hz F+N
Working Surface: 500x255 mm
Dimension A: 475 mm
Dimension B: 275 mm
Dimension C: 526 mm
Dimension D: 435 mm
Dimension E: 235 mm
Net Weight: 28 kg
Transport Dimensions: 560x430x270 mm
Gross Weight: 30 kg
HS Code: 85166070

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