Backrest angle 65-75 degrees.

Multifunctional aluminum ladder
for versatile and professional use.

Very durable,
which can be used as a free-standing or leaning ladder.

Possibility to buy a set of wheels for sliding on the wall.

Consisting of three elements with anti-slip
fully grooved rungs with dimensions of 30mm x 25mm.

It is also possible to use the narrowest element
as a separate leaning ladder.

Available up to a total height of 10.10 m (3 x 15 rungs)

Models 4211- 4215 equipped with an additional stabilizer
for even greater security.

Ladders that can be placed on the stairs:

Cat. No. 4207- 3 x 7 rungs
Cat. No. 4208- 3 x 8 rungs
Cat. No. 4209- 3 x 9 rungs
Cat. No. 4210- 3 x 10 rungs

Meets the PN-EN 131 standard. of ladders 4000-4200 2013.pdf


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