Industrial Nonwoven Cleaning Cloth

Our versatile industrial nonwoven cleaning cloth is made of perforated structure nonwoven fabric, ensuring low lint and enabling multiple uses. It is available in four colors: blue, yellow, green, and red, which facilitates distinguishing their applications in different areas.

This industrial cleaning cloth is a versatile product that excels in various applications. It is perfect for removing contaminants, and its durability allows for multiple uses, contributing to cost-effectiveness. Its high water absorption and absorption coefficient ensure effective removal of moisture, oils, and other substances.

The perforated structure makes the cloth highly practical, enabling easy and swift tearing into smaller pieces as needed. It is an ideal solution for professional cleaning tasks in industries, workshops, households, and many other places where efficient cleaning cloths are essential. Choose our industrial nonwoven cleaning cloth and enjoy its reliability and versatility in your daily cleaning chores.


  1. Universal application
  2. High water absorption
  3. Absorption coefficient of 627%
  4. Perforated structure
  5. Low lint
  6. Reusable
  7. Available in four colors


  1. Industrial cleaning
  2. Workshops
  3. Household cleaning
  4. Other places where effective cleaning cloths are necessary

Technical data:

Material: Polyester 30%, viscose 70%
Dimensions: 400 x 375 mm
Weight: 60 g/m2
Water Absorption: 344 ml/m2
Absorption Coefficient: 627%
Tear Strength: 96 / 41 N

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