Stackable 18L Plastic Container with Lid

A plastic container with a lid included, specifically designed for stacking. The stacking crate has a capacity of 18 liters. It is often referred to as a ingredient storage container because it is perfectly suited for storing or transporting food ingredients and is also suitable for many different food processing applications.

Made from food-grade polyethylene, it is an incredibly durable, sturdy, and hygienic plastic container for stacking, used in food production and food processing, catering and hospitality, healthcare, and the bakery industry.

Food transport containers and plastic stackable crates

These food handling containers are often known as ingredient bins or food ingredient containers. Designed for use in the food industry, these durable plastic boxes are perfect for a wide range of storage and transportation applications. Plastic boxes with stacking capabilities are made from food-grade polyethylene. They are ideal for storing food products, food ingredients, and dry goods. Plastic containers are used in industries such as food manufacturing and food processing, hospitality and catering, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and the bakery industry.

The design of the plastic stackable containers is very hygienic and easy to clean, thanks to the use of a production process called rotational molding. This process ensures that the food ingredient container is durable but also eliminates plastic flaking or the risk of plastic shavings getting into the food, which can occur with use and degradation over time.

Food handling containers come complete with a plastic lid. They can be stacked with the lids in place, as well as when the lids are not on the food-grade plastic containers.

Technical data:

Material: Polyethylene
Dimensions: 415 x 315 x 180mm
Capacity: 18 L
Weight: 2,5 kg

Data sheet

Capacity (liters)

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