Industrial Ingredient Dispenser 150L

The 150-liter ingredient container is an incredibly durable plastic container designed for contact with food and dedicated to commercial kitchens, gastronomy, catering companies, restaurants, as well as the food and meat industry. The container comes with a plastic transparent lid (flap).

Made of polyethylene, the container is designed to facilitate easy filling and dispensing of food ingredients such as flour, grains, sugars, rice, cereals, dried fruits, and nuts. It is a fully hygienic container intended for ingredient storage and dispensing.

This ingredient storage container is frequently used in industries like food production and food processing for storing and dispensing dry food items and ingredients. Designed to be hygienic and easy to clean, the container has a seamless construction without any gaps. The plastic lid can be easily removed, allowing for easy pouring of large quantities of ingredients into the container, and the transparent PETG flap provides easy access to the contents for quick dispensing.


  1. Durable polyethylene construction
  2. Hygienic design without gaps
  3. Easy filling and dispensing of ingredients
  4. Transparent PETG flap for easy access to contents
  5. Available in various sizes and capacities


  1. Commercial kitchens
  2. Gastronomy
  3. Catering companies
  4. Restaurants
  5. Food industry
  6. Meat industry

Technical data:

Material: Polyetylen
External dimensions: 600 x 555 x 575 mm
Internal dimensions: 540 x 480 x 560 mm
Capacity: 150 litrów
Load capacity 70 kg
Weight: 9,5 kg
Operating temperature: -30 to +80 deegres Celsius


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