Plastic container, round, 46 L

A round container with a 46 L capacity made of polyethylene and designed for food contact. It is dedicated and widely used in gastronomic establishments, the food industry, and bakeries. When not in use, it can be easily stacked along with other containers from the plastic stackable container range. They all have a base diameter of 425 mm.

These containers facilitate the transportation and storage of food, as well as ingredients and semi-finished products such as flour, sugar, grains, and many others.

Manufactured using the rotational molding process, it achieves remarkable hardness and smoothness, ensuring that the container has no seams or places where dirt or food residues could accumulate. It can be easily cleaned and is hygienic.

Sample weight capacity: currants 29 kg / fat 38 kg / flour 24 kg / sugar 36 kg / sultanas 31 kg

Technical data:

Material: Polethylene
Dimensions: 425 x 438 mm
Capacity: 46 L
Operating temperature: -30 to +80 degrees

Data sheet

Capacity (liters)

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