Shoe Dryer for 20 Pairs

We present to you an efficient and reliable shoe dryer designed primarily for workers in the production sector. Its versatile application is particularly prominent in production facilities related to food processing, the food industry, as well as the meat and fish processing industry. Additionally, it finds utility in dairy cooperatives.

Our shoe dryer has been crafted with the aim of providing optimal hygiene conditions and comfort for workers. It is equipped with airflow valves and can optionally feature an ozone disinfection function, ensuring effective drying and purification of footwear.

The construction of the shoe dryer is based on robust material, namely stainless steel 1.4301, translating into durability and ease of maintenance. The device functions exceptionally well in social spaces, ensuring optimal conditions for storing footwear.

One of the key elements of our dryer is the warm air blow, which accelerates the drying process efficiently, eliminating moisture and unwanted odors from shoes. Moreover, the dryer comes with a standard time switch, allowing users to conveniently adjust the drying time according to their needs.

For enhanced protection against microbes and to ensure hygiene, we offer an optional ozone disinfection feature. For those who prefer precise control, there is also the possibility of selecting additional airflow regulation valves, enabling adjustment of warm air intensity.


  • Suitable for social spaces
  • Warm air blow enhances drying efficiency
  • Standard time switch
  • Additional option: Ozone disinfection available on request
  • Additional option: Airflow regulation valves

Technical data:

Material: Stainless Steel 1.4301
Capacity: 20 par
Type: Single-sided
Heater Power: 2 kW
Dimensions: 1310 x 460 x 2011 mm (W x D x H)
Weight: 70 kg

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