Gastronorm container made of polycarbonate GN 1/4, height 15 cm

The container is crafted from polycarbonate, a synthetic material. It is suitable for use in microwaves and can be cleaned in dishwashers. It conforms to the Gastro Norm standard, specifically in the 1/4 size. Resistant to impacts, these containers can be stacked to save space when necessary.

The temperature range for the container is from -40 degrees to +100 degrees Celsius.

GN containers made of polycarbonate are perfect for serving and storing salads, as well as for buffet-style dining.

Technical data:

Art-No.: 82074
Material: Polycarbonate
Dimension: 26,5 x 16,2 cm
GN Size: 1/4
Height: 15 cm
Capacity: 3,7 liters
Color: black
EAN Code: 4004133820746

Data sheet

Height (in cm)
Capacity (liters)
GN size

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