Cutting saw EFA SL 50-18

The EFA SL 50-18 cutting saw blade is an electric tool, ideal for precise chopping of beef, pork, horse meat and camel meat. Equipped with an electric motor with a power of 1.8 kW / 230 V and a waterproof switch integrated in the housing. The device is powered by 230 V. The power of the device is 1800 W, and the length of the power cable is 3.5 meters. The EFA SL 50-18 cutting saw is characterized by protection class IP 24 and a weight of 9.8 kg.

The use and purpose of the saw includes the cutting of pigs, medium pigs and sows, i.e. pork, beef, camel and horsemeat. It can also be used for quartering beef halves, separating flanks from hind quarters, and halving beef and pork for rational butchering of animals. The EFA SL 50-18 partitioning saw has many advantages, such as lightness, reliability and durability. It has a waterproof switch integrated in the housing and a powerful universal motor, resistant to splash water. The ergonomic position of the handle ensures a comfortable and secure grip of the saw, and the low-noise gear and vibration-free operation additionally increase comfort during use. The saw is equipped with a spiral cable, and the device is covered by a 12-month warranty.

The device meets all EU standards, including occupational health and safety standards, ensuring high quality and safety of use.

Technical data:

Total length: 1000 mm
Device width: 118 mm
Width including the handle: 270 mm
Height without handle: 162 mm
Cutting blade length: 475 mm
Number of blade teeth: 75 szt
Blade speed: 3300 cykli/min
Noise level: 87 dB(A)
Current consumption max: 5,9 A
Supply voltage: 230 V
Device power: 1800 W
Cable length: 3,5 m
Protection class: IP 24
Weight:: 9,8 kg

Application / purpose:

  1. Cutting of pigs, medium pigs and sows, i.e.: pork, beef, camel and horse meat
  2. Quartering beef halves, separating patches from hindquarters and quartering whole animals
  3. For halving beef and pork in order to rationally cut the game

Advantages of the EFA SL 50-18 cutting device:

  1. Lightness, reliability and durability of the device
  2. Waterproof switch, integrated in the housing
  3. Powerful, splash-proof universal motor
  4. Ergonomic grip/holding position
  5. Extremely quiet transmission and vibration-free operation of the saw
  6. Spiral cable, 12 month warranty on the device

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