Circular Saw, EFA 85

The EFA 85 circular dismantling saw is a high-quality device designed for industrial meat processing. Equipped with a 1.5 kW three-phase motor and 400V voltage, the saw is perfect for cutting beef, horse meat, and camel meat.

The EFA 85 saw features a constant cutting depth of 100 mm, a 300 mm cutting blade diameter, and a tooth size of 12 mm. The blade rotation speed is 1150 rpm. The maximum current consumption is 3.2 A, and the power supply voltage is 400V. The device has a power of 1500 W, and the length of the power cable is 5 m / 4 m. The saw has an IP 65 protection class and weighs 16.7 kg. The EFA 85 saw is specially designed for the dismantling of pork and heavy-duty meat such as beef, horse meat, and camel meat. It is recommended for medium work efficiency, which is about 150 pieces per shift.

The main advantages of the EFA 85 saw include its construction made entirely of stainless steel, a polished and smooth housing surface, easy cleaning and maintenance, a powerful 3-phase motor with high torque, motor protection against flooding and temporary overloads, a patented electric brake that stops the blade within 2 seconds, a low-vibration gear transmission, a waterproof on/off switch, a suspended saw with a counterbalance for easy rotation for angled cuts, a spiral cable, a cutting depth limiter, an ergonomic handle, and European Union certification. The EFA 85 saw is a reliable dismantling tool that meets the expectations of professional users in the meat industry.

Usage / Animals:

  • Horses, cattle and camels

Technical specifications:

Cutting depth: 15-75 mm
Weight: 16.2 kg
Noise level: < 75 dB(A)
Rotations per minute: 1150 rpm
Power: 1500 W
Power cable length: 5 m
Blade diameter: 230 mm
Vibrations: < 2.5 m/s²
Operating pressure: 6-8 bar
Current consumption: 3.2 A
Voltage: 400 V
Protection class: IP 65


  • It is suitable for the disassembly of pork, heavy pork, sows, namely: pork, beef, veal, and horse meat.
    Recommended for efficient work, with an average capacity of approximately 150 pieces per shift.

Advantages of the EFA 85 cutting device:

  • The device is made entirely of stainless steel with a polished, smooth housing surface.
  • Easy to clean and maintain due to smooth walls and a very tight construction.
  • The most powerful saw in its class, equipped with a strong, 3-phase motor with a high rotational torque.
  • Protected against motor flooding, fully enclosed, and less sensitive to momentary overloads.
  • Non-wearing, patented, centrifugal electric brake that stops the blade within 2 seconds.
  • Extremely quiet transmission, vibration-free operation, and a waterproof switch in the housing.
  • Saw suspension with a special reliever allowing easy rotation of the saw around the axis for angled cuts.
  • Spiral cable, depth cutting limiter, ergonomic handle, and EU certification.


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