Sirman Display Case, Model Vista P2N Brioches

The Sirman Display Case, Model Vista P2N, is a practical solution for presenting and storing a variety of snacks such as croissants, pastries, and other treats. The stand is available in single or double-level versions, allowing for efficient use of display space.

Pull-out trays made of stainless steel enable hygienic and aesthetically pleasing product storage. Smooth aluminum surfaces are easy to maintain, facilitating daily upkeep. The display case's design, featuring transparent plexiglass and profiles made of anodized aluminum, gives it a modern appearance while allowing customers to comfortably view the available snacks.

Two vertically opening doors further ease access to stored products. Precise dimensions for each level enable effective arrangement and display of the snacks. The Vista P2N is a compact display case tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized food establishments. Its functionality, durability, and appealing design make it an ideal tool for presenting delectable treats to customers.

Moreover, the display case features a heating function, enabling the maintenance of stored snacks at an appropriate temperature of up to 40°C. This excellent solution ensures freshness and an enticing appearance, enticing customers to make purchases.

Sirman Vista P2N Brioche tech draw

Technical data:

Model: VISTA P2N Brioches
Power: 300 W
Power Source: 230 V
Temperature: Up to 40°C
First Level Dimensions: 480 x 290 mm
Second Level Dimensions: 480 x 265 mm
Dimension A: 400 mm
Dimension B: 300 mm
Dimension C: 500 mm
Dimension D: 355 mm
Dimension E: 405 mm
Net Weight: 10 kg
Transport Dimensions: 620 x 430 x 450 mm
Gross Weight: 14 kg
HS Code: 85167200

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