Hendi Profi Line Gas Kebab Grill

Dreaming of creating delicious kebabs and other meaty masterpieces? With the HENDI Profi Line gas grill, it's possible! This professional grill is not only a powerful tool but also guarantees perfectly cooked meat every time.

Power and Speed:

  • Three burners with an impressive power of 9.75 kW ensure rapid and even grilling.
  • The wide grilling surface allows for the preparation of large quantities of meat at once.

Versatility and Efficiency:

  • A capacity of up to 40 kg and a spit length of 725 mm mean you can easily handle even the largest events.
  • The ability to operate on natural gas or bottled gas provides flexibility in any condition.

Perfect Results:

  • A safety valve and adjustable spit distance guarantee safety and perfect grilling.
  • The unique function of changing the spit rotation direction ensures even cooking of meat from all sides.

Convenience and Ease of Use:

  • The elegant stainless steel housing is easy to clean and looks impressive in the kitchen.
  • Stainless steel heat shields provide optimal grilling conditions and easy cleaning.
  • Compact dimensions (550x700x(H)960 mm) and low weight (25 kg) make transport and storage easy.

With the Profi Line Gas Grill:

  • Impress your restaurant guests with delicious kebabs and other meat dishes.
  • Quickly and effortlessly prepare large quantities of food.
  • Enjoy the convenience and safety of use.
  • Highlight the professional character of your kitchen.

Technical Data:

Brand: HENDI
Product Line: Profi Line
Materials: Stainless steel
Gas Power: 9.75 kW
Heating Element: Gas burner
Gas Type: Natural gas
Meat Capacity: 40 kg
Spit Height: 725 mm
Maximum Dimensions of Meat Roll: ø400x(H)510 mm
Top Motor with Rotation Direction Change: Yes
Motor Power: 16.7 W/230 V
Height: 960 mm
Length: 470 mm
Width: 550 mm
Device Weight: 25 kg

Invest in the Profi Line gas grill and discover a new level of culinary experiences!

Additional Benefits:

  • Save time and money with fast and efficient grilling.
  • Experiment with different types of meat and marinades.
  • Always perfectly grilled meat, juicy and full of flavor.

Remember: This grill is intended for professional use in gastronomy. It is not suitable for home use.

Order the Profi Line gas grill today and create culinary masterpieces!


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