Induction Wok 3500, Profi Line, HENDI

The Induction Wok 3500 from the Profi Line by HENDI is an example of a modern induction cooktop specifically designed for wok pans, ensuring fast and even heating of dishes. With its compact dimensions and ease of cleaning, it serves as a practical and convenient appliance in a professional kitchen. The power of 3500 W at 230 V guarantees quick meal preparation, making it excellent for cooking Asian-inspired dishes.

The dimensions of the wok are 340×450×120 mm, making it a compact and user-friendly device, especially suitable for smaller kitchens. Placing the wok on the kitchen countertop allows for additional workspace, improving the overall efficiency of the kitchen. The Profi Line, dedicated to both kitchens and gastronomy, is characterized by a thoughtful and robust construction made from the highest quality materials and components, tailored for intensive daily use.

The assurance of long-term durability, combined with ease of maintenance, results in lower operating costs and energy efficiency. The HENDI Induction Wok 3500 is more than just a kitchen appliance; it's a culinary partner that provides harmony between practicality and culinary creativity during every cooking endeavor.

Technical data:

Materials: Stainless steel
Product Line: Profi Line
Voltage: 230 V
Input Power: 3500 W
Height: 120 mm
Length: 340 mm
Width: 450 mm
Net Weight: 7.21 kg

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