Cheese grater, Sirman GF Ventilata

The cheese grater Sirman GF Ventilata is a sturdy, simple, and compact device that ensures high performance and power. Thanks to its even grating of cheese and bread, there are no losses during work. The construction made of polished aluminum and steel rollers with an anti-corrosion coating guarantee durability and reliability.

This industrial grater is designed for shredding cheese and producing breadcrumbs. It will work perfectly in various gastronomic points, pizzerias, and restaurants. Equipped with a ventilated motor with higher power than the GP model, it allows for long-lasting and efficient operation. The GF model also features a steel cutting roller and a larger inlet opening.

This simple and compact machine is a reliable tool in the kitchen that facilitates work and ensures excellent results in food preparation. Ideal for grating cheese and bread, the Sirman GF Ventilata grater will meet the requirements of even the most demanding professionals.

Sirman GF Venilata tech. draw

Technical data:

Model: GF
Power: 588W - 0.8 HP
Power Supply: 230/50Hz
Drum Speed: 1400 RPM
Inlet Opening Size: 130 x 70 mm
Dimension A: 185 mm
Dimension B: 270 mm
Dimension C: 290 mm
Dimension D: 390 mm
Dimension E: 370 mm
Dimension F: 560 mm
Net Weight: 16 kg
Transport Dimensions: 500 x 300 x 550 mm
Gross Weight: 18 kg
HS Code: 84388099

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