Potato peeling machines, Sirman, model PPJ 20 SC

The potato peeling machine Sirman, model PPJ 20 SC, is an advanced device designed for professional potato peeling in the food industry. Constructed from durable AISI 304 stainless steel, the machine guarantees not only robustness but also ease of cleaning, which is crucial in the food industry.

The machine is equipped with a polyvinyl belt drive and ventilated high-performance motors, ensuring continuous operation without overheating. The stainless steel peeling disc is easy to replace, facilitating maintenance and servicing. Moreover, the patented removable container can be easily removed and washed in a dishwasher, and the lower peeling disc does not require the use of tools during replacement.

The automatic unloading system contributes to a fast and efficient potato peeling process. The stainless steel outlet opening, equipped with a quick and tight closure, ensures hygienic and safe working conditions. The PPJ 20 SC model offers an option with a drain filter, allowing for even more efficient operation and minimizing raw material waste.

Additional safety features include microswitches on the cover and outlet, enhancing user safety. The machine operates with a power of 1102W - 1.5 HP and requires a power supply of 230-400V/50Hz. It has a capacity of 20 kg to 35 l and operates at a speed of 275 rpm, achieving a productivity of 340 kg/h.

Thanks to its advanced features, sturdy construction, and the option for a drain filter, the Sirman PPJ 20 SC potato peeling machine is the perfect solution for professional kitchens, catering establishments, and anywhere rapid, efficient, and hygienic potato peeling is essential.

Technical data:

Model PPJ 20 SC
Power 1102W – 1.5 HP
Power supply 230V/50Hz
Speed 275
Capacity 20 kg – 35 l
Hourly output 340 kg/h
Dimension A 295 mm
Dimension B 337 mm
Dimension C 560 mm
Dimension D 650 mm
Dimension E 1040 mm
Net weight 52 kg
Transport dimensions 640x760x1400 mm
Gross weight 62 kg
HS Code 84386000

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