Meat tenderizer, Sirman

The Sirman meat tenderizer is a professional device designed for tenderizing meat, especially steaks and fish. Its construction, made of high-quality stainless steel 304, ensures durability and hygienic working conditions.

The tenderizer is equipped with a wide inlet opening, which facilitates loading the meat. The device's cover can be easily removed, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze. The blade assembly is also easy to disassemble and replace, allowing for optimal tenderizer performance.

An additional advantage is the easy disassembly of the grinding drums, guaranteeing better hygiene and easy cleaning of the device. The Drake tenderizer is equipped with a double reduction system with a gearbox in an oil bath, ensuring smooth operation.

It should be noted that the knife set is not part of the standard equipment, but it can be purchased separately. With a power of 370W - 0.5 HP, powered by 230V / 50Hz, and with shaft/blade rotations of 110 rpm, this tenderizer is a reliable tool for any professional kitchen, restaurant, or service point that requires effective and efficient meat tenderizing.

Technical data:

Model: Drake
Power: 370W - 0.5 HP
Power supply: 230V/50Hz
Shaft/Blade rotations: 110 rpm
Shaft Width: 250 mm
Dimensions of loading basket: 30x250 mm
Dimension A: 397 mm
Dimension B: 287 mm
Dimension C: 480 mm
Dimension D: 390 mm
Dimension E: 330 mm
Dimension F: 180 mm
Dimension G: 157 mm
Dimension H: 460 mm
Dimension L: 685 mm
Net weight: 31 kg
Transport dimensions: 720x570x800 mm
Gross weight: 43 kg
HS Code: 84385000

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