Sirman T-Rex: Manual Meat Tenderizer - Ideal for Perfect Cutlets!

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient meat tenderizer that will help you prepare perfect cutlets? Sirman T-Rex is the perfect choice! Made entirely of stainless steel, this manual meat tenderizer ensures durability, hygiene, and easy operation.

Why Choose Sirman T-Rex?

  • Gentle tenderizing: T-Rex does not tear meat fibers or change their shape, ensuring an attractive appearance and ease of preparation and consumption.
  • High efficiency: Tenderizes an area of ​​80x210 mm during each cycle, guaranteeing quick and efficient work.
  • Easy cleaning: The removable cutting plate and removable and interchangeable blade strips make disassembly, installation, and cleaning of the device easy.
  • Solid construction: Made of stainless steel, T-Rex is resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage.
  • Universal application: Suitable for tenderizing various types of meat, such as beef, pork, and lamb.

T-REX Technical Data

Technical Data:

Model: T-REX
Max. working height: 100 mm
Working plate: 300 x 450 mm
Blades: 32
Dimension A: 400 mm
Dimension B: 450 mm
Dimension C: 497 mm
Dimension D: 907 mm
Dimension E: 470 mm
Dimension F: 378 mm
Dimension G: 572 mm
Dimension L: 243 mm
Net weight: 25 kg
Transport dimensions: 720 x 770 x 570 mm
Gross weight: 35 kg
HS Code: 84385000

Sirman T-Rex is the perfect meat tenderizer for:

  • Restaurants and bars: Increase the efficiency and quality of dishes in your kitchen by quickly and effectively tenderizing meat.
  • Butcher shops: Offer your customers perfectly tenderized meat, which will increase its attractiveness and make preparation at home easier.
  • Private users: Enjoy perfect cutlets and other meat dishes in your own home.

Order Sirman T-Rex today and see how easily and quickly you can achieve perfectly tenderized meat!

Additional Information:

  • Sirman also offers other models of manual and electric meat tenderizers tailored to various needs.
  • We encourage you to explore the full range of Sirman gastronomic equipment.


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