The HOLD1 Handle for Mounting Brushes

This 70mm wide handle is designed to fit the RAIL500, but it also has two pre-drilled holes and can be used independently. The HOLD1 handle is suitable for products with a width of 20-30mm, covering most products in our Food Service range. For shovels and larger products such as ALH27, ALH8, PLH3, and paddles, see the HOLD2 holder.

The HOLD1 handle contains rubber, which may lose its elasticity or even break if repeatedly exposed to oil. If you need a handle for use in an oily environment, try our hooks (HDHOOK1) or our one-piece hanger (WLBR1), which are not affected. The HOLD1 handle is designed for mounting various cleaning and washing tools in production areas across different industries. It fits the RAIL500 but can also be used independently. It has two pre-drilled holes for mounting (screws are not included).

Technical Data:

Material: Polypropylene, thermoplastic rubber
Operating temperature: from  -18°C to 79°C
Dimensions: 72 x 35 x 77 mm
Autoclave Sterilization: up to 134°C

The HOLD1 handle is an indispensable tool for mounting brushes and other cleaning tools in production areas of various industries. You can use it in combination with the RAIL500 or independently, depending on your needs. However, please note that the rubber components of the handle may get damaged when in contact with oil. In such cases, consider using our hooks (HDHOOK1) or one-piece hangers (WLBR1), which are more oil-resistant.


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