Set of brushes for cleaning nozzles and valves

A set of three mini brushes, made of durable stainless steel and soft polyester bristles, is the perfect tool for precision cleaning of very small nozzles and valves. The brush heads have different diameters: 2 mm, 5 mm, and 6 mm, allowing for effective reaching of hard-to-access areas, such as nozzles in coffee machines or small components of juice machines.

Advantages of the brushes:

  • Easy to clean and dry: Thanks to a simple cleaning process and quick drying, the brushes are always ready for use, maintaining tool hygiene.
  • Easy visual inspection: The smooth surface and clear construction make visual inspection of the brushes easy, contributing to their cleanliness.
  • Strong, durable, and lightweight construction: The robust stainless steel construction ensures durability while maintaining lightness, translating into user comfort.

Technical data:

Material: Poliester, stal nierdzewna
Bristle type: Miękkie
Brush length: 150 mm
Diameter: 2 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm
Weight: 50 g
Max. pH value in usage concentration: 10,5 pH
Min. pH value in usage concentration: 2 pH
Max. cleaning temperature (dishwasher): 93 °C
Max. drying temperature: 100 °C
Max. usage temperature (contact with food): 100 °C
Max. usage temperature (without contact with food): 100 °C
Min. usage temperature: -20 °C
Recommended sterilization temperature (autoclave): 121 °C

All components of the brush set have been approved by FDA / EU / BRCv7. This comprehensive set of brushes for cleaning nozzles and valves is an essential tool for businesses in the food industry and an excellent aid for home enthusiasts of precision cleaning.


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