Cartridge, Replacement Double Blade 250 mm

This replacement cartridge has been specially designed for Vikan 7711 hygienic squeegees to provide exceptional effectiveness and durability in cleaning and drying processes. Made from double thermoplastic rubber TPE, this replacement offers several advantages.


  • Easy to clean and dry: Thanks to the use of thermoplastic rubber TPE, this replacement is easy to keep clean and dries quickly, helping to maintain hygiene.
  • Easy visual inspection: The construction of this replacement allows for easy visual inspection of its condition, making it easier to keep it in perfect shape.
  • Strong, durable, and lightweight construction: The replacement is solidly built, ensuring its durability while remaining lightweight and easy to handle.
  • No sharp angles or grooves: Safe and hygienic, this replacement has no sharp edges or grooves that could hinder cleaning.

This replacement is compliant with UK regulations regarding food contact materials, meets REACH standards, and is certified Halal and Kosher. Produced from polypropylene and TPE rubber, it is a high-quality product originating from Denmark.

Technical Data:

Material: Polypropylene, Thermoplastic TPE Rubber
Width: 250mm
Depth: 25 mm
Height: 45 mm
Maximum pH in usage concentration: 10,5 pH
Minimum pH in usage concentration: 2 pH
Maximum cleaning temperature (dishwasher): 93 °C
Maximum drying temperature: 120 °C
Maximum usage temperature (food contact): 50 °C
Maximum usage temperature (non-food contact): 100 °C
Minimum usage temperature: -30 °C
Recommended sterilization temperature (autoclave): 121 °C
Weight: 0,081 kg

This replacement cartridge is an essential piece of equipment for those who prioritize hygiene and efficiency in their cleaning and drying processes. Thanks to its advantages and high-quality construction, it provides excellent support for Vikan 7711 hygienic squeegees.


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