Sturdy Tube for Cup Dispenser, BD71

The BD71 model is a durable addition that brings solidity and practicality to your cup dispenser. Made from stainless steel, the tube features a smooth surface and lacks a collar, ensuring convenient and hygienic usage. The cup rim diameter is adjustable within the range of 70 mm to 123 mm, allowing for the use of cups with a capacity ranging from approximately 120 ml to an impressive 1360 ml. The total length of the tube is 597 mm (B).

Furthermore, an alternative option is available:
BD71 (catalog number: 460025) - The overall diameter (A) measures 97 mm, and the cup rim diameter falls within the range of 70 mm to 85 mm, enabling the use of cups with a capacity of 120 ml to 300 ml.

BD71 serves as a solid and reliable solution for your cup dispenser, allowing for customization to various cup sizes and capacities, while also providing an elegant appearance thanks to the stainless steel construction.

Technical data:

Model BD71
Cup Rim Diameter 70-85 mm
Cup Capacity 120-300 ml
Diameter 95 mm
Cup Dispensing Bottom

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