Pull-Out stainless steel drawer

The pull-out stainless steel drawer, labeled as model EK3074, offers a practical storage solution. It features cutout dimensions LxH of 347 x 130 mm and a depth B of 405 mm. The drawer frame has dimensions of 374 x 157 mm, with a thickness of 7 mm. Additionally, an optional steam cap EK1074 / C made of synthetic material is available.

In the case of choosing the version with the steam cap, its cutout dimensions are 353 x 137 mm, and the AxC installation measures 408 x 135 mm. This exceptional drawer not only provides practical storage space but also offers the option of additional functionality with the steam cap. Its robust stainless steel construction ensures durability and resistance to environmental conditions, making it an excellent choice for both domestic and professional kitchens.

Technical data:

Model EK3074
Cutout LxH 347 x 130 mm
Depth B 405 mm
Frame 374 x 157 mm
Frame Thickness 7 mm
Steam Cap Length 353 x 137 mm
Installation AxC 408 x 135 mm

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