BIOPROTEKT - a neutral preparation intended for manual or foam washing of heavily contaminated surfaces with effective disinfection. It is a multi-component, highly concentrated composition containing an appropriate composition of surfactants and surfactants supported by emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors and stabilizers. It contains natural Marseille soap which significantly increases the effectiveness of the preparation. The preparation does not leave stains and brightens the washed surfaces. The scope of the preparation's activity: all contaminated surfaces in the food industry, breeding and horticulture. Thanks to the use of a properly selected formula of quaternary ammonium salts, we additionally provide very effective and non-toxic disinfection. Safe for non-precious steel, aluminum, copper, brass, plastic and wood. It is especially suitable for manual cleaning of highly greasy surfaces, machines, plastic or metal containers, laboratory equipment, glass and auxiliary equipment. It rinses off very easily. Maintains the acid balance of the skin of the hands. Produced in two versions - thickened for manual washing and rare for use in central cleaning systems with injector dosing.

  • It has 4-tier ammonium salts which the WHO has reported as effective against coronavirus
  • Working concentrations: 2.0-5.0%.
  • Washing temperature: 15-50 o C.
  • Biodegradation over 95%.
  • Dosing control: electronic-conductometric analysis.

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