Refrigerated bar table
3 x hinged doors and 2 sink chambers 300x500x300mm. Cool air circulation and electronic control. Evaporator cased in a stainless steel sheet. PUR foam cooling body under pressure. Design: interior, front and top made of stainless steel. In the countertop there is a bathtub with a drain grate and a drain. Without batteries and pourer.
Dimensions: 2500x700x980 mm (LxDxH)
Basin size: 300x500x300 mm (LxDxH)
Power (own cooling): 440W
Power (central cooling): 40W
Electric supply: 230V
Maximum ambient temperature: + 43 ° C
Refrigerant: R134A
Cooling power
With its own cooling
With central cooling *

440W evaporation temp. -10 ° C
400W evaporative temp. -10 ° C
Temperature: ° C + 2 / + 10
Accessories: 3 Grids, 3 Pairs of guides, Overflow pipe
The price does not include nozzles and batteries.

What are bar cooling tables characterized by?

Comprehensive PUR foam insulation under high pressure
  • this design guarantees high insulation and low electricity consumption
  • core made of foamed polyurethane has high density and mechanical strength
All devices (inside and outside) made of stainless steel
  • made of stainless steel extends the life of the product and maintains cleanliness
  • visible sides satin polished - excludes light reflection and improves functionality
Automatic defrosting and hot gas condensation evaporation
  • automatic self-cleaning of the cooling system, e.g. ice from the evaporator
  • the use of hot gas for evaporation lowers electricity consumption
Uniform temperature distribution thanks to intelligent cooling circulation
  • the cold air continues to move downwards thanks to the highly efficient supply air circulation
  • circulation very functional and does not dry out the products to be cooled
The devices are available with doors and / or drawers of different heights
  • each chamber can be built with doors or drawers under the capacity of GN 1/1
  • multifunctional solutions for many needs
Refrigerating chamber made to a high hygienic standard
  • the bottom of the chamber with hygienic curves - rounded corners and edges
  • hygienic design for easy cleaning
Electronic control with manual temperature adjustment
RL-AGT M732L 81

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