Salamander Hi-Light 600-2Z, Bartscher

The Bartscher Hi-Light 600-2Z salamander is an advanced gastronomic device designed for precise food heating using three IR heaters. It features two independently adjustable heating zones, allowing flexible adaptation to various types of dishes.

The grill grates, with a width of 572 mm and a depth of 358 mm, come with adjustable height, enabling you to customize the distance between the food and the heater, ensuring control over the heating intensity. Additionally, the salamander is equipped with a practical fat container, facilitating easy kitchen cleanliness maintenance.

Electronic energy regulation, intuitive control via a knob, digital display, and the option of manually setting the time make operating the device simple and efficient. The package includes a grill grate and a wall-mount bracket.

The robust stainless steel construction ensures durability, and the 4.5 kW power connection makes the Bartscher Hi-Light 600-2Z Salamander an essential tool in professional kitchens.

Technical data:

Source of heat IR heater
Number of heaters 3
Number of heating zones 2
Heating zones separately adjustable Yes
Adjustable height of the heater no
The width of the grill grate 572 mm
The depth of the grill grate 358 mm
Adjustable height of the grill grate Yes
Temperature maintenance function Yes
Automatic switch-on function no
Manual time setting Yes
Grease container Yes
Energy regulation Electronically
Digital display Yes
Device connection 3 NAC
Control Knob
Control lamp On / off
Properties Pull-out handle
Distance between the grate and the heating element 125 mm / 175 mm
Can be set in 2 positions
Included 1 wire rack
1 wall bracket
Power Connection 4.5 kW
Tension 380-400V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Material stainless steel
Important tip -
Width 590 mm
Depth 550 mm
Height 515 mm
Weight 40.2 kg

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