Panini-T Bartscher Contact Grill

The Panini-T Bartscher Contact Grill is an advanced grilling device that offers precise temperature control ranging from 50°C to 300°C. It features a large grilling surface and a sturdy construction with cast iron grill plates, along with numerous practical functions. This grill comes equipped with a timer that emits a sound signal when grilling time elapses, making it easier to monitor the cooking process. Thanks to the smooth grill plates made of enameled cast iron, cleaning is a breeze. It's an ideal tool for both professional chefs and beginners, ensuring excellent culinary results.

The key features of the Panini-T Bartscher Contact Grill are:

  1. Precise Temperature Control: This grill allows for precise temperature adjustment within the range of 50°C to 300°C using thermostat control, enabling perfect preparation of various dishes.

  2. Abundance of Practical Functions: The grill boasts numerous practical functions, including a timer with a sound signal after grilling time elapses, a heating indicator lamp, and temperature adjustment capability. The grease tray facilitates easy maintenance.

  3. Solid Construction and Durability: The grill plates are crafted from enameled cast iron, ensuring even heat distribution and ease of cleaning. The product boasts a robust construction using high-quality materials, including stainless steel, and has an IPX3 protection rating, making it not only efficient but also durable and resistant to various usage conditions.

Technical data:

The width of the upper grill plate 340 mm
The depth of the upper grill plate 220 mm
The width of the lower grill plate 360 mm
The depth of the lower grill plate 285 mm
Power Connection 2.2 kW
Tension 230 volts
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Grease container Yes
Temperature range from 50 ° C
Temperature range to 300 ° C
Control Knob
Control lamp Heating up
On / off
Temperature control Thermostatic
Grill surface version Smooth
Included 1 cleaning brush
Material of the grill plates Cast iron
Adjustable top plate stop no
Number of grill units 1
Digital display no
Timer Yes
Level of security IPX3
programming -
On / off switch Yes
properties sound signal after the grilling time (0 - 15 minutes)
Material stainless steel
Important tip -
Width 410 mm
Depth 400 mm
Height 200 mm
Weight 18.0 kg

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