Toilet Paper, Tork Mini Jumbo Advanced

Tork Mini Jumbo Advanced Toilet Paper is an excellent solution for locations with moderate to high traffic, where both efficiency and cost savings matter. The T2 system, known for its quick maintenance and low cost, makes the mini jumbo toilet paper a cost-effective choice for various public facilities, offices, educational institutions, or stores.

Tork Mini Jumbo Advanced Toilet Paper is single-ply, ensuring an optimal balance between an affordable price and high efficiency. With an impressive roll length of 240 meters, the need for changing rolls is rare, significantly facilitating the maintenance of cleanliness and order in restrooms.

Technical data:

System: T2 — Mini jumbo toilet system
Roll length: 240 m
Roll width: 9,4 cm
Roll diameter: 18,8 cm
Number of sheets: 1200
Sheet length: 20 cm
Inner core diameter: 5,9 cm
Number of layers: 1
Print: No
Embossing: Yes
Color: White
Weight of one roll: 621 g
Number of rolls in the package: 12

With the high capacity and durability of this product, both business owners and public facility administrators can be confident in providing their guests and employees with comfort and hygiene at the highest level. Discover efficiency in a modern form with Tork Mini Jumbo Advanced Toilet Paper!


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