Large Sweeping Brush with Soft Rippled Bristles

Do you need an efficient tool for cleaning large, open spaces? The Hillbrush B1134 large sweeping brush is the perfect choice for such tasks. With its impressive dimensions (610 mm x 75 mm) and soft rippled bristles, this brush excels in wide, open areas. Its sturdy construction and durability make it an excellent tool for heavy-duty work while remaining user-friendly. This is the ideal solution for cleaning tasks that meet even the most demanding requirements.

Key Product Features:

  • Multiple Color Options: The Hillbrush B1134 is available in five different colors, making it easy to segregate work areas and adhere to HACCP guidelines. This ensures cleanliness and hygiene in every workplace.
  • Temperature Resistance: The Hillbrush B1134 brush can withstand temperatures ranging from -18°C / 0°F to 79°C / 175°F, allowing you to use it in various conditions without worrying about its durability.
  • Industrial Dishwasher Safe: Maintaining the brush's cleanliness is incredibly simple; you can easily pass it through an industrial dishwasher.
  • Sterilization Capability: If you prioritize maintaining the highest hygiene standards, the Hillbrush B1134 can undergo sterilization in autoclaves at temperatures up to +134°C.
  • FDA/CE Approval: All components of the brush comply with FDA and CE standards, ensuring they are safe for contact with food.

Technical data:

Material: Polypropylene, polyester
Dimensions: 610 x 75 mm
Height: 122 mm
Weight: 1,147 kg
Bristle height: 50 mm
Bristle type: Soft, wavy
Operating temperature: -18 to +79 degrees
Autoclave sterilization: up to +134 degrees

If you require an efficient tool for cleaning large, open spaces, the Hillbrush B1134 is the perfect choice. With its significant dimensions and soft rippled bristles, your cleaning tasks will become significantly easier and more efficient. Discover how easy it is to maintain pristine cleanliness at your workstation with this exceptional brush.


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