Very Large Sweeping Brush - Hillbrush B883

Are you in need of a cleaning tool that can handle large areas and intensive tasks? The Hillbrush B883 Very Large Sweeping Brush is the ideal choice for you. Equipped with medium-stiff, waved bristles and impressive dimensions (610 mm x 75 mm), this brush is designed to tackle the most challenging cleaning tasks.

Key Product Features:

  • Available in Multiple Colors: The Hillbrush B883 is available in six different colors, making it easy to segregate work areas and adhere to HACCP standards. This allows you to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in every workspace.
  • Safe for Industrial Dishwashers: Thanks to its construction, this brush can be safely placed in industrial dishwashers, facilitating easy cleaning.
  • Resistant to Extreme Temperatures: The Hillbrush B883 is resistant to temperatures ranging from -18°C / 0°F to 79°C / 175°F, ensuring its durability in various conditions.
  • Sterilization Capable: For those who prioritize hygiene standards, the Hillbrush B883 can be sterilized in autoclaves at temperatures up to +134°C.
  • FDA/UE Approval: All components of the brush comply with FDA and EU standards, guaranteeing safety for food contact.

Technical data:

Material: Polypropylene, polyester
Dimensions: 610 x 75 mm
Height: 145 mm
Weight: 1,392 g
Bristle height: 75 mm
Bristle type: Medium
Operating temperature: -18 to +79 degrees
Autoclave sterilization: up to +134 degrees

Where You Can Use the Hillbrush B883:

This powerful brush is suitable for various industries and places where maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is a priority:

  • Food Industry: Ideal for maintaining cleanliness in production facilities, warehouses, and storage areas.
  • Healthcare: Excellent for cleaning and disinfecting healthcare facilities, hospitals, and laboratories.
  • Chemical Industry: Resistant to chemicals, making it suitable for maintaining cleanliness in chemical plants.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Supports cleanliness standards in pharmaceutical and drug production.
  • Hospitality Industry: Useful for maintaining cleanliness in hotel rooms, hallways, and other accommodation areas.
  • Transport and Logistics: Helps maintain cleanliness in warehouses, on loading platforms, and in logistic environments.
  • Agriculture: Useful on farms to maintain cleanliness in warehouse halls and garages.

The Hillbrush B883 is a reliable tool that can tackle even the most challenging cleanliness and hygiene tasks. Its sturdy construction, high operating temperature, and sterilization capabilities make it a tool you can always rely on.


Data sheet

Type of bristles
Medium hard
Brush type
Detectable by detectors

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