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Tea Box, often used in cafes and bars, is a practical piece of equipment. It is primarily a convenient solution that keeps tea bags organized and easily accessible. If the box has a lid, it also provides protection against dust. Such a tea container can also be used to store other small items, such as candies, which guests can enjoy.

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Pudełko na herbatę z tworzywa sztucznego 22 x 17 cm. APS 11563
Price 71.00 zł tax excl.
87.33 zł tax incl.

The container is made of transparent, shatterproof acrylic. Recommended for tea in sachets, sugar and other additives. 4 compartments inside. In a colorful package.

Tea Caddy Variety

A closed tea caddy provides additional protection against moisture and dust, guaranteeing the freshness of stored products. We offer boxes with four compartments, perfect for small cafes that offer only a few types of tea, as well as boxes with twelve compartments - these are suitable for larger restaurants. Another good solution is a container with a compartment for sugar - it allows the customer to serve themselves and have everything at hand.

A wooden tea box is an ideal solution for lovers of classics. We also offer transparent boxes made of artificial material.

Thanks to the variety of compartments, you can easily separate different flavors and types of tea. Regardless of the choice, each box from our offer will add elegance to the interior.

Application of Tea Chest

In cafes where customers expect a wide range of choices, tea chests allow for an elegant presentation of different types of tea. Thanks to them, customers can easily choose their favorite flavor.

At gas stations, where travelers often look for a quick drink on the go, tea chests enable easy and hygienic storage. Customers can enjoy a hot drink while traveling.

At weddings and other large events where drinks are served for a large number of guests, tea caddies are an aesthetic solution. They allow for an attractive display of tea on the buffet table. This is important at such an event because every detail counts in the interior design.

Tea Chests at Wamma Store

Tea boxes offered in our store are perfectly tailored to the needs of restaurants, cafes, and other catering establishments.

Tea chests at Wamma Store also allow for maintaining the freshness of tea. Thanks to the tight closure and durable materials, restaurateurs can be sure that the tea does not lose its aroma and taste. This is particularly important in the catering industry, where the quality of beverages is of great importance for customer satisfaction.

When choosing tea boxes, it is worth focusing primarily on their practicality, durability, and appropriate size to meet the requirements of the catering industry.

Tea Boxes - the Perfect Solution for Every Catering Establishment!

Looking for a way to elegantly and practically present tea in your cafe, restaurant, or bar? Discover tea boxes from Wammashop.pl - the perfect solution for tea lovers!

Tea Caddy Variety:

  • Number of Compartments: We offer boxes with four, six, or even twelve compartments, so you can customize them to your needs and the number of teas offered.
  • Material: Wooden tea boxes are perfect for classic interiors, while transparent boxes made of artificial material are ideal for modern arrangements.
  • Additional Features: Some boxes have compartments for sugar or teaspoons, providing even greater convenience for customers.

Application of Tea Chest:

  • Cafes: Tea chests allow for an aesthetic presentation of different types of tea, making it easier for customers to choose their favorite flavor.
  • Restaurants: Tea boxes are an elegant addition to the table and emphasize the professionalism of the establishment.
  • Bars: Tea chests enable easy and hygienic storage of tea, which is especially important in busy locations.
  • Hotels: Tea chests in hotel rooms provide guests with comfort and the opportunity to prepare tea themselves.
  • Offices: Tea boxes in offices allow employees to relax and enjoy a delicious drink during the day.

Advantages of Tea Boxes from Wammashop.pl:

  • Wide Selection: We offer tea boxes in various sizes, styles, and with different features to meet the expectations of every customer.
  • High Quality: We guarantee that our products are made of durable materials and meet the highest standards.
  • Competitive Prices: We offer attractive prices and favorable discounts for regular customers.
  • Fast Shipping: Ordered products are shipped within 24 hours.
  • Professional Service: Our team will be happy to help you choose the right tea box.

Order tea boxes from Wammashop.pl today and enjoy an elegant tea presentation that will delight your customers!