Our Anti-Microbial cleaning tools are designed for areas that require very high standards of hygiene and where documenting due diligence in controlling biological and physical contamination is of particular, critical importance. All cleaning tools from this line contain a specially formulated antibacterial additive based on silver ions. This additive effectively prevents the growth of mold, fungi and bacteria.
• They prevent the growth of over 99% of bacteria (MRSA, E. Coli, Listeria spp, Campylobacter)
• Tools do not lose their antibacterial properties with time and wear, and even with use
• Safe for use in industrial dishwashers
• Resin-Set DRS® used as standard
• Temperature resistant from -18 ° C / 0 ° F to 79 ° C / 175 ° F
• All components are FDA / EU approved
• Independent studies show that all plastics used can be used in the EU and US food industries

Autoclave sterilization 134ᵒC


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