Container on Wheels, 320 Liters

This plastic container is made from recycled polyethylene (MDPE) and has a capacity of 320 liters. The product comes standard with 2 fixed wheels and 2 swivel wheels with a diameter of 100 mm, as well as a plywood base strip to handle heavy loads up to 220 kg. Its tapered design allows for nesting when empty, maximizing storage space when not in use.

The cart is durable, long-lasting, seamless, and waterproof, sharing similar properties with its food-grade counterpart. This is all achieved through the manufacturing process and rotational molding, which stands unmatched against products made using injection molding.

The mobile container is available in black as a standard color. Please note that this plastic container is not recommended for contact with food.

Plastic Wheeled Containers, Made from Recycled Polyethylene

Plastic wheeled containers made from recycled polyethylene are produced using rotational molding. This process ensures that they are sturdy and exceptionally durable, matching the quality of their food-grade counterparts. The one-piece molded construction provides a uniform and waterproof plastic container that can be easily and effectively cleaned and maintained. Ideal for non-food applications, these cost-effective transport carts are perfect for various industries, including retail, textile and apparel manufacturing, waste and recycling, distribution, engineering, and logistics, to name a few.

Technical data:

Material: Polyethylene
Dimensions: 1010 x 685 x 735 mm
Volume: 320 L
Capacity: 220 kg
Operating temperature: -30 to +80 degrees Celsius


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