Fully automatic vacuum packaging machine for food, Titaan 2-90.

The Titaan 2-90 is a full-size, automatic vacuum packaging machine for food, designed to offer advanced features for efficient and precise packing of various types of products. The machine comes with a pump capacity of 300 m³/h, and the packing cycle lasts between 30 to 50 seconds. The packaging chamber dimensions are 840 x 890 x 220 mm, while the overall machine size is 1061 x 2420 x 1150 mm.

Equipped with two sealing bars, each measuring 840 mm in length, the Titaan 2-90 allows simultaneous sealing of two packages. It weighs 850 kg and operates at a voltage of 400V-3-50Hz, powered by a 5.5 kW motor. The device features an advanced control system and sensors, enabling precise adjustment of packing parameters for different types of food items. Additionally, it offers a wide sealing bar, 10 mm in width, ensuring strong and durable packaging.

The Titaan 2-90 is fitted with a "Soft Air" function, gently introducing air into the packaging after the vacuum process, thereby minimizing the risk of damaging delicate products. The machine is user-friendly, with an additional STOP button allowing interruption of the packing cycle at any point, whether partially or fully. Two conveyor belts facilitate easy loading and unloading of products, enhancing packing efficiency.

This reliable and modern solution is ideal for businesses involved in food packaging. Its advanced features and intuitive interface allow easy customization for diverse packing needs, ensuring high-quality and durable packaging.

Technical data:

Parameter Value
Pump Capacity: 300 m³/h
Machine Cycle: 30-50 sec
Chamber Dimensions: 840 x 890 x 220 mm
Machine Dimensions: 1061 x 2420 x 1150 mm
Seal Bars: 2 x 840 mm
Weight: 850 kg
Voltage: 400V-3-50Hz
Power: 5.5 kW

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