Professional meat cutter, Sirman, model C15 V2 da Banco

Sirman Cutter C15 Da Banco is an advanced kitchen tool designed for efficient chopping and grinding of various ingredients. It features a robust construction made of AISI 430 stainless steel, ensuring durability and reliability. The detachable motor and sump enhance thermal insulation, while the stainless steel bowl with handles and a heavy bottom adds to its sturdiness.

Equipped with a high-performance ventilated motor, the cutter allows continuous operation, and its durable steel knives ensure effective chopping and grinding. Safety during operation is ensured by microswitches on the cover, and the transparent lexan cover allows for easy monitoring of the process. The cover also includes an opening for adding ingredients while in use, making the preparation process more convenient.

The standard equipment includes a spatula and a sharpening stone. The cutter has a power rating of 1470-2200W (2-3 HP) and operates at 400V, 50/60Hz F + N. It has a bowl capacity of 14.5 liters, with a fill level of 8.2 liters. The knife rotates at a speed of 2800 rpm. The net weight of the cutter is 52 kg, and its transport dimensions are 720x570x770 mm. The gross weight is 67 kg.

Sirman Cutter C15 Da Banco is a reliable kitchen tool, perfect for professional chopping and grinding of various ingredients, offering efficiency and dependability in everyday use.

Sirman C15 2V Banco tech. draw

Technical data:

Model: C15 V2 da Banco
Power: 1470-2200W
Power source: 400 V / 50Hz
Bowl capacity: 14.5 L
Bowl fill level: 8.2 L
Speed: 2800 rpm
Dimension A: 265 mm
Dimension B: 480 mm
Dimension C: 380 mm
Dimension D: 610 mm
Dimension E: 530 mm
Dimension F: 700 mm
Net weight: 52 kg
Transport dimensions: 720x570x770 mm
Gross weight: 67 kg
HS Code: 84386000


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