Meat/vegetable cutter, Sirman, model C-tronic 9

Sirman C-Tronic 9 is a reliable meat and vegetable cutter, designed for solid performance with its pressure die-cast and extruded aluminum body. By placing the motor and tank side by side, the product can be isolated from heat, ensuring enhanced processing quality.

This machine is equipped with a stainless steel (S/S) bowl with handles and a heavy base, guaranteeing durability and stability during operation. Its high-performance and ventilated motor allow for continuous operation without the risk of overheating.

The C-Tronic 9 features robust stainless steel blades, providing efficient and precise processing of meat and vegetables. Safety is ensured by microswitches on the lid and lever, along with a transparent Tritan cover, allowing observation of the processing progress.

The device is user-friendly, with standard speed regulation, and comes with a scraper blade, spatula, and sharpening stones for easy maintenance and hygiene.

Sirman C-Tronic 9 meat and vegetable cutter is a dependable tool that excels in professional kitchens, offering efficient and safe ingredient processing.

Technical data:

Model C-Tronic 9 VT
Power 350+350 watts - 0.5+0.5 HP
Bowl Capacity 9.4 L
Bowl Filling Level 5.4 L
Speed 600 to 2,800 rpm
Dimension A 244 mm
Dimension B 443 mm
Dimension C 319 mm
Dimension D 560 mm
Dimension E 348 mm
Dimension F 420 mm
Net Weight 23 kg
Transport Dimensions -
Gross Weight -
HS-CODE 84386000

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