Sirman Blitz Bowl Cutter, Chopper

The Sirman Blitz Bowl Cutter is a professional kitchen tool designed for chopping various ingredients. It comes equipped with a polycarbonate cover with an opening for adding ingredients safely during operation. The cover and container are both closable and easy to disassemble, facilitating effortless cleaning after use.

The device features a motor switch that allows easy control of the bowl cutter's operation. The control elements are equipped with NVR 24 Volt IP 67, ensuring safe and reliable performance

The Sirman Blitz Bowl Cutter comes with a stainless steel blade hub and an ABS assembly hub. It operates with a power of 370W (0.50 HP) at 230V/50Hz. The bowl has a capacity of 3.2L, and the rotational speed is 2800 rpm.

The net weight of the bowl cutter is 8 kg, and its transport dimensions are 337 x 435 x 275 mm. The gross weight is 9 kg. The Sirman Blitz Bowl Cutter is a reliable kitchen tool that simplifies chopping and processing ingredients, providing efficient performance in a professional kitchen.

Technical data:

Model: Sirman Blitz
Power: 370W - 0.50 HP
Power Supply: 230V/50Hz
Bowl Capacity: 3.2 L
Speed: 2800 rpm
Dimension A: 240 mm
Dimension B: 240 mm
Dimension C: 355 mm
Net Weight: 8 kg
Transport Dimensions: 337 x 435 x 275 mm
Gross Weight: 9 kg
HS Code: 85098000

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