Sweeping broom, narrow, 260x35 mm, soft and hard bristles, Vikan 3104

The multifunctional sweeping broom Vikan 3104, measuring 260x35 mm, characterized by different types of bristles - soft and hard, and equipped with a polypropylene handle, is an excellent tool for maintaining cleanliness on various surfaces, both flat, vertical, and in hard-to-reach corners or structural elements. Available in five colors, this broom is designed for effective floor cleaning and is suitable for both domestic and industrial applications, especially in the food industry.

Broom with two types of bristles:

This multifunctional polyester broom is equipped with soft and hard bristles, making it ideal for various conditions. It is excellent for cleaning narrow spaces between production lines, shelves, or cabinets. It is also perfect for cleaning drainage channels in slaughterhouses. Thanks to its flexible soft and resilient bristles, the broom is suitable for sweeping both wet and dry surfaces. The latest technology used in production ensures maximum hygiene and safety, meeting expectations even in the most demanding conditions.

Easily clean narrow spaces between devices on the production line with this lobby broom. Excellent for sweeping dry areas, it works perfectly with a dustpan and can be used with any Vikan handle.

Advantages of the sweeping broom:

  • Easy to clean and dry: The smooth surface of the brush makes it easy to keep it in perfect condition.
  • Easy visual inspection: The precisely crafted design allows for quick and accurate inspection of the tool.
  • No resin: The resin-free design eliminates the risk of contamination.
  • Deep-set filaments: Provide durability and resistance to intensive use.
  • Strong, durable, and lightweight construction: An optimal combination of features that facilitate handling and increase the tool's lifespan.
  • No sharp angles or grooves: Eliminates the risk of damage, increasing safety.

Technical data:

Material: Polypropylene, polyester
Bristle type: Soft/Hard
Bristle length: 75 mm
Dimensions: 260 x 35 x 175 mm
Weight: 340 g
Max. pH value in the in-use concentration: 10,5 pH
Min. pH value in the in-use concentration: 2 pH
Max. cleaning temperature (dishwasher): 93 °C
Max. drying temperature: 100 °C
Max. temperature for use (contact with food): 80 °C
Max. temperature for use (without contact with food): 100 °C
Min. temperature for use: -20 °C
Recommended sterilization temperature (autoclave): 121 °C

Available in 5 colors to facilitate workspace segregation and compliance with HACC principles.

All components have been approved by FDA/UE/BRCv7, confirming the highest quality and compliance with food safety standards. Choose the Vikan 3104 broom to experience a professional approach to cleanliness in any environment.


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Soft / Hard
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