Floor Brush for Cleaning Grout

A brush with a flexible joint and long bristles, designed for maintaining the cleanliness of ceramic tiles, whether at home, in a business, on a production floor, or in catering facilities. This wide brush, measuring 24 cm, is specifically designed for cleaning grout. It allows you to effectively remove stubborn dirt thanks to its stiff bristles, making it an excellent choice for maintaining cleanliness in hard-to-reach places.

Brush Length: 240 mm

Please note that the brush is sold without a handle.

Technical data:

Material: Polypropylene, polyester
Dimensions: 197 x 78 mm
Bristle height: 28 mm
Weight: 230 g
Bristle type: Very hard
Operating temperature: -18 to +79 degrees
Autoclave Sterilization: up to +134 degrees

Additionally, the brush is available in five different colors to facilitate workplace segregation and compliance with HACCP standards. All of its components have been approved by agencies such as the FDA, EU, and BRCv7, ensuring a high standard of safety and quality. Therefore, it's an ideal tool for maintaining cleanliness in the food industry, where hygiene is of utmost importance.


Data sheet

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