Meat and bone saw, Sirman, model SO 1650 Inox

The Sirman bone saw, model SO 1650 Inox, is a high-quality device designed for cutting bones and frozen or fresh food. Its body is made of AISI 304 stainless steel, ensuring durability and hygiene. The saw features a closed waste container, easily accessible from the outside, facilitating cleanliness around the machine.

The design of the bone saw prioritizes easy cleaning and maintenance. The doors are easily removable, providing convenient access to the interior of the device. The calibrated pulleys are made of polished aluminum, and the upper pulley is equipped with a quick-release mechanism, enabling fast and convenient cleaning and blade replacement.

This bone saw is equipped with robust ventilated asynchronous motors, protected by lip seals, ensuring their reliability and long lifespan. The control elements operate on 24V voltage and include microswitches on the doors and the waste container, providing additional user safety. The machine is also equipped with hardened 16mm blades, which are ideal for cutting bones and various types of food.

The SO 1650 Inox bone saw is not only functional and efficient but also easy to maintain and hygienic. It is well-suited for use in meat processing plants, restaurants, hotels, and other establishments where precise and effective cutting of bones and food is required.

Technical data:

Model SO 1650 INOX
Blade Length 1650 mm
Motor 1.5 HP, 1400 rpm
Ø of Pulley 210 mm
Working Surface 430x545 mm
Dimension A 342 mm
Dimension B 296 mm
Dimension C 545 mm
Dimension D 510 mm
Dimension E 658 mm
Dimension F 840 mm
Dimension G 816 mm
Dimension H 249 mm
Dimension L 197 mm
Dimension M 320 mm
Net Weight 47 kg
Transport Dimensions 570x720x1020 mm
Gross Weight 59 kg
HS Code 84385000

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