Sausage Stuffer, Sirman, IS 25 Idra Model

The Sirman IS 25 Idra Sausage Stuffer is an indispensable tool in the culinary industry. Many regional restaurants appreciate the opportunity to create their own unique sausages, which are handcrafted, seasoned to taste, and then steamed or smoked.

The modern hydraulic vertical stuffer, IDRA, stands out for its simplicity and functionality. It is equipped with a robust hydraulic system operating at 120 bar pressure, ensuring effective performance. The entire machine's construction is made of stainless steel, which not only guarantees durability but also facilitates easy cleaning. This stuffer can be fully disassembled for cleaning purposes, and the process doesn't require the use of tools. The IS 25 Idra model is available in two versions: standard and advanced, to meet various needs.

Distinctive features of this stuffer include the lid and piston, both made entirely of stainless steel, silicone seals inside the cylinder ensuring excellent sealing and long lifespan. Hermetic protection of the hydraulic cylinder, as well as the stainless steel piston rod, and the polished and rounded stainless steel cylinder without a fixed direction, enhance user comfort.

The stuffer is equipped with a powerful and quiet ventilated motor with instant action and a rotational speed of 2800 rpm. Automatic piston return after stopping the motor, stainless steel control elements with an IP67 protection rating, precise oil flow regulator, standard rubber wheels, and an oil tank with a level indicator are additional advantages of this model. Thanks to advanced technology and solid construction, the IS 25 Idra stuffer is an ideal tool for professional chefs and sausage producers who value efficiency, productivity, and high quality in their work.

Technical data:

Model IS 25 IDRA
Power 560W - 0.75 HP
Power Supply: 230 V
Cylinder Capacity 25 l
Cylinder Length 460 mm
Cylinder Diameter 260 mm
Piston Stroke 380 mm
Min. Forward Speed 2'02
Max. Forward Speed 51
Reverse Speed 32
ø funnels 10-18-25 mm
Dimension A 565 mm
Dimension B 450 mm
Dimension C 950 mm
Dimension D 1160 mm
Net Weight 91 kg
Transport Dimensions 720x570x1380 mm
Gross Weight 103 kg
HS Code 84385000

Data sheet

Capacity (liters)

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