Sirman Vista Tower Display

The Sirman Vista Tower is a versatile display stand designed for showcasing and storing various pastries, cakes, and other snacks. Its construction features transparent plexiglass and profiles made of anodized aluminum, offering an attractive and durable design.

Equipped with pull-out stainless steel trays, the Vista Tower provides a practical and hygienic storage solution for keeping different snacks organized. The pull-out trays facilitate easy access to the stored products and make arranging the display effortless.

Technical data:

Power: -
Power Source: -
Temperature: -
Dimensions of the first level: 280x380 mm
Dimensions of the second level: 280x380 mm
A: 234 mm
B: 400 mm
C: 300 mm
D: 450 mm
E: 705 mm
F: 570 mm
Net weight: 13 kg
Transport dimensions: 380x510x625 mm
Gross weight: 15 kg
HS Code: 85167200

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