Scrubbing Brush for Hot Surfaces Vikan 47535

The Vikan 47535 Hot Surface Scrubbing Brush is an indispensable tool for effectively cleaning contaminated surfaces at elevated temperatures, reaching up to 180 degrees. Equipped with hard, heat-resistant bristles, it excels at removing dirt from hot equipment such as sealers and packing machines. Additionally, it performs exceptionally well in cleaning hot grills, pans, and other utensils, ensuring not only efficiency but also maximum safety.

Advantages of the brush:

  • Easy to clean and dry: The brush provides quick and efficient cleaning, along with easy drying, keeping the tool in excellent condition.
  • Easy visual inspection: With a smooth surface and no resin, the brush allows easy visual inspection, crucial for maintaining hygiene.
  • Smooth brush surface: An exceptionally smooth surface facilitates keeping the brush clean, eliminating potential dirt accumulation spots.
  • Firmly embedded filaments: Filaments are solidly embedded in the construction, ensuring their durability and effectiveness during use.
  • Strong, durable, and lightweight construction: The robust construction eliminates the risk of damage, while the lightweight handle ensures comfortable use without user fatigue.
  • No sharp angles or grooves: Safe use is a priority, so the brush is designed without sharp edges or grooves.

Technical data:

Material: Polipropylen, Poliester, Stal nierdzewna (AISI 304)
Bristle type: Hard
Bristle length: 20 mm
Dimensions: 150 x 65 x 55 mm
Weight: 158 g
Max. pH value at use concentration: 10,5 pH
Min. pH value in use concentration: 2 pH
Max. cleaning temperature (dishwasher): 93 °C
Max. drying temperature: 100°C 100°C
Maximum temperature of use (contact with food): 100 °C
Maximum temperature of use (without contact with food): 180 °C
Min. operating temperature: -20°C
Recommended sterilization temperature (in autoclave): 121 °C

The Vikan 47535 Hot Surface Scrubbing Brush is not only an effective tool for removing impurities from elevated temperatures but also a guarantee of ease of cleanliness and maximum hygiene. Thanks to its heat-resistant construction, the brush is perfect for cleaning hot equipment, grills, and pans, offering not only efficiency but also user safety.

All components of the Vikan 47535 Hot Surface Scrubbing Brush have been approved by the FDA / EU / BRCv7. Take advantage of this excellent brush to efficiently maintain cleanliness in hard-to-reach places!


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