Aluminum Wheel for Smoking Trolleys. Heat Resistant up to 500 Degrees Celsius

An aluminum wheel designed for smoking trolleys with exceptional thermal resistance. It is an indispensable solution for professionals in the meat industry who value not only sturdiness but also resistance to extreme temperatures. The wheel has a diameter of 160 mm, and its exceptional feature is the ability to maintain resistance up to 500 degrees Celsius.

Constructed from aluminum, this wheel is characterized not only by its lightweight nature but also by its durability, making it ideal for intensive use associated with smoking trolleys. The material ensures stability and strength even in extreme temperature conditions, which is crucial in the meat smoking process.

With a diameter of 160 mm, the wheel ensures smooth movement of the smoking trolley while allowing easy maneuvering even in tight spaces. This is an excellent solution for individuals working at a fast pace who also expect the highest quality and durability from their equipment.

The aluminum wheel for smoking trolleys not only guarantees functionality but also ensures reliability in challenging thermal conditions. With its resistance up to 500 degrees Celsius, this wheel becomes an essential component in a professional meat processing environment, providing reliability and durability for many years.

Technical data:

Material: Aluminium
Wheel Diameter: 160 mm
Wheel Width: 40 mm
Temperature Resistance: Up to 500 degrees Celsius
Bushing Inner Width: 20 mm
Hub Length: 48 mm
Weight: 1260 g

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