The isothermal container Thermobox COMBI GN 1/1

Thermobox Combi GN 1/1 is a classic among front-loading boxes from the Thermohauser series. It superbly combines the positive features of an insulated Gastronorm (GN) 1/1 box with the additional front-loading capability - a significant advantage for kitchens and catering.

As the name suggests, Thermobox Combi GN 1/1 is an insulation box based on standard Gastronorm (GN) 1/1 dimensions. It features 12 inserted strips evenly distributed within the box, approximately 3 cm apart. This allows for diverse loading options, whether it's trays for buffets or various GN containers with freshly prepared meals, catering to different needs.

After assembling the doors, they can be easily inserted and pushed into place. An advantage is that this can be done at any time, even when several thermal boxes are stacked on top of each other - a common occurrence when space is limited in the kitchen or at an event venue. If needed, the included partition can be used in Thermobox Combi GN 1/1 for transporting both hot and cold food simultaneously. Thermobox Combi GN 1/1 with EPP - maximum insulation comfort is the standard here.

High quality and durability of isothermal containers

The material used for Thermobox Combi GN 1/1 is expanded polypropylene (EPP), a foamed plastic with excellent insulation properties. Items transported in this box remain hot or cold as required. EPP is also lightweight yet incredibly resistant to cracking and durable, a crucial advantage considering the considerable weight of trays or GN containers filled with culinary delights. The transport box can be quickly and easily cleaned with hot water and a bit of dishwashing liquid after use.

Chassis & Co. - matching accessories for Thermobox Combi GN 1/1

Thermobox Combi GN 1/1 can be quite heavy when fully loaded - carrying it over long distances from a vehicle to the kitchen or event location is not very efficient for the back. Therefore, a matching aluminum casing is available as a suitable accessory for this box - specifically designed with fitted side rails that ensure optimal grip on the box.

Side panels, doors, and the partition are also available as spare parts, so there's no issue if something gets lost or breaks. The Thermohauser range also includes suitable cooling or heating plates to maintain the temperature in the box according to requirements.

Technical data:

Loading: Front loading, with doors and 2 removable side walls
Include: 12 strips (spacing approximately 3.0 cm)
allow for various arrangements
of GN containers or trays
Stackable: Yes. Easy to close and open even when stacked
External dimensions cm (length x width): 63.0 x 50.0
Internal dimensions cm (length x width): 53.5 x 33.0
Weight: approximately 5.5 kg
Volume: approximately 83 liters
Material: EPP
Color: black

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