Long-handled brush with a double filament retention system, measuring 406x50 mm and featuring medium-stiff bristles, Hillbrush D10RES

A long-handled brush with a double filament retention system, measuring 406x50 mm and featuring medium-stiff bristles, the Hillbrush D10RES is an exceptional tool from the Resin-Set DRS® line. This brush brings a revolutionary advancement in preventing bristle loss, a critical feature, particularly in industries related to hygiene and sanitation.

The key innovation of this brush lies in its double filament retention system. Instead of traditional attachment methods, the Resin-Set DRS® employs special stainless steel staples approved for food contact and an antibacterial resin. This system effectively secures the bristle tufts within the brush head, even under heavy usage.

The antibacterial resin used in the brush's production is highly effective in preventing the growth of mold, fungi, and bacteria. Consequently, this tool is perfectly suited for industries where stringent hygiene standards are mandatory.

Another advantage of the Hillbrush D10RES brush is its versatility. It can be safely cleaned in industrial dishwashers, expediting the maintenance process. Resistant to temperatures ranging from -18°C to +79°C, it is suitable for use in various environments. Importantly, all products in the Resin-Set DRS® line can be autoclaved at temperatures up to +134°C, further emphasizing their suitability for industries where hygiene is paramount.

Independent tests conducted on the materials used have confirmed that they conform to the standards and limits set by regulatory bodies such as the FDA and the EU. This means they are safe for contact with food and other applications.

The Hillbrush D10RES brush is more than just a cleaning tool; it represents an innovative solution that ensures long-lasting and effective hygiene in various industries, including food processing, meat production, fisheries, and anywhere cleanliness and safety are paramount. Its unique filament retention system makes it indispensable for both professional and household use, and in situations where standard brushes fall short.

Key Features of the brush for tank cleaning:

  • Double filament retention system (Resin-Set DRS®) minimizes bristle loss
  • Antibacterial resin prevents mold, fungi, and bacteria growth
  • Safe for use in industrial dishwashers
  • Resistant to temperatures from -18°C / 0°F to 79°C / 175°F
  • All products can be autoclaved at temperatures up to 134°C / 275°F
  • All components are FDA / EU approved
  • Independent tests have shown that all plastics used are within FDA / EU limits

Technical data:

Material: Polypropylene, polyester, epoxy resin
Dimensions: 406 x 50 mm
Weight: 234 g
Bristle height: 40 mm
Bristle type: Medium
Operating temperature: -18 to +79 degrees
Autoclave Sterilization: up to +134 degrees


Data sheet

Type of bristles
Medium hard
Brush type
Detectable by detectors

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