Small Surface Sweeping Brush

Introducing our small surface sweeping brush, an excellent tool for standard applications that will help maintain cleanliness in your workplace. This functional brush is available in five different colors, making it easier to segregate your working area and adhere to HACCP guidelines.

The key features of this brush include its versatility and availability in various colors, facilitating the distinction between brushes to maintain hygiene and prevent cross-contamination. The brush is also safe to use in industrial dishwashers, making it easy to keep it clean.

With a temperature resistance range from -18°C / 0°F to 79°C / 175°F, this brush is a versatile tool that can be used in various conditions and industries. If necessary, it can be autoclave sterilized, reaching temperatures of up to 134°C / 275°F, ensuring the highest level of hygiene.

It's worth noting that all components of this brush have been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the European Union, attesting to their safety for food contact. Independent tests have further confirmed that the plastics used meet the highest standards in the food industry, ensuring that this product is suitable for the food industry and other sectors.

In summary, this small surface sweeping brush is a versatile tool that not only makes cleanliness easier but also meets the highest standards of hygiene and safety in various industries. Thanks to its various colors, suitability for industrial dishwashers, and autoclave sterilization capability, it's an indispensable piece of equipment in many workplaces.

Key Features of the Small Surface Sweeping Brush:

  • Ideal for standard applications
  • Available in 5 colors to facilitate workspace segregation and HACCP compliance
  • Safe for use in industrial dishwashers
  • Temperature-resistant from -18°C / 0°F to 79°C / 175°F
  • All products can be autoclave sterilized at temperatures up to 134°C / 275°F
  • All components are FDA/ EU approved
  • Independent tests have shown that all plastics used are suitable for the food industry

Technical data:

Material: Polypropylene, polyester
Dimensions: 280 x 58 mm
Height: 105 mm
Weight: 409 g
Bristle Height: 55 mm
Bristle Type: Twarde
Operating Temperature: -18 do +79 degrees
Autoclave Sterilization: Up to +134 degrees

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