Knitted work gloves

Knitted work gloves are an essential piece of equipment for workers, providing protection and comfort during daily tasks. Made from a blend of polyester and cotton, these gloves are not only exceptionally durable but also breathable and flexible, ensuring proper ventilation and freedom of movement. Their construction prevents static buildup and shrinkage after washing, allowing for long-term use. They also work well as liners under other gloves, providing an additional protective layer.

These gloves have been classified into Category I and belong to the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) class, confirming their effectiveness in providing basic protection to the user. Before starting work, it is recommended to check the appropriate size and completeness of the product, as well as its condition for any potential mechanical damage. Users should also remember to regularly check the protective functions during work and replace gloves if any defects that prevent proper functioning are detected.

The product is non-sterile and should not be used in case of visible damage or in a manner inconsistent with its intended use. The risk of use includes, among others, the possibility of lack of protection in case of damage or improper use. To maintain protective properties, it is recommended to store gloves in dry, well-ventilated places, away from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.

Knitted work gloves are a reliable tool that provides protection and comfort during daily work, contributing to maintaining safety and hygiene in the workplace.

Non-sterile product.

Risk of use:

  • Using personal protective equipment with visible damage - risk of lack of protection
  • Using personal protective equipment contrary to its intended use - risk of lack of protection
  • Removing and putting on personal protective equipment near mechanical devices - risk of injury, equipment damage
  • Removing and putting on personal protective equipment near production lines - risk of injury, contamination of finished product
  • Using near open flame - risk of ignition, burns
  • Storing and transporting in a manner and conditions other than those specified and recommended by the manufacturer - risk of loss of protective properties.


Store in dry, well-ventilated places, protecting from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. The supplier is not responsible for the quality of the product stored contrary to recommendations. The shelf life can be assessed based on product usage. Mechanical damage necessitates repair or immediate withdrawal from use.


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