Digital scale, 60kg, 20g, Bartscher

The Bartscher digital scale, with a maximum weighing capacity of 60 kg and a precision of 20 g, is a versatile device that provides precise measurements. Equipped with electronic touch control and a digital display, this scale is easy to use and perfect for various applications. The option of powering it with batteries (4 x AAA) or using an adapter provides users with flexibility in choosing their power source. The wall-mountable display with a maximum distance of 1.4 meters allows for convenient monitoring of results. The solid construction using stainless steel makes it a durable tool for weighing in different environments.

Three Key Features:

  1. Large Weighing Capacity: The Bartscher scale has a significant weighing range of 60 kg, allowing it to weigh both light and heavy items.
  2. 20g Precision: High measurement accuracy with a resolution of 20 g ensures precise results.
  3. Choice of Power Source: The option to power the scale with batteries or an adapter makes it mobile and suitable for various locations.

Technical data:

Power Connection 0.0018 kW
Tension 230 volts
Frequency 50 Hz
Control Electronically
Control lamp -
Digital display Yes
On / off switch Yes
Weighing surface width 320 mm
Weighing surface depth 300 mm
Weighing range to 60 kg
Resolution 20 g
Tarring Yes
Power via Batteries (4 x AAA)
Power Supply
Included 1 power adapter
Weight unit (s) kg
Properties Wall mount display, distance max. 1.4 m
Material stainless steel
Important tip For verification-free weighing
Width 320 mm
Depth 305 mm
Height 42 mm
Weight 3.15 kg

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