Plastic double trolley for EURO containers.

Sturdy plastic trolleys designed for secure storage of up to 2 stacks of Euro stackable trays measuring 600 x 400 mm each. These plastic double trolleys are an ideal solution for industrial applications in the food, pharmaceutical, catering, and gastronomy industries.

To mention just a few of their top features, they are highly durable, easy to clean, and can accommodate various types of stackable containers.

The plastic double trolley is made from durable and long-lasting food-grade polyethylene plastic. Produced through a rotational molding process, the end product is incredibly robust, providing a reliable plastic trolley that will serve you for many years.

The molding process used for these plastic trolleys ensures they have a smooth external surface and are free from crevices that hinder cleaning.

Plastic trolleys can be manufactured in a wide range of colors, allowing for easy integration into color-coded practices or simply to match your company's color scheme.

Technical data:

Material: Polyethylene
External dimensions: 915 x 660 mm
Load space dimensions: 2x (612 x 402mm)
Capacity: 250 kg
Wheel diameter: 100 mm
Number of wheels: 4
Wheel material: Polypropylene, stainless steel
Operating temperature: -30 to +80 degrees


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