Hygienic container with a capacity of 455 liters

Our 455-liter capacity container is the perfect solution for storing and transporting large quantities of food, semi-finished products, and other materials. Made from food-grade polyethylene, it is safe for food and ideal for applications where hygiene is crucial.

The container is equipped with four sturdy wheels, two of which are fixed and two are swivel, making maneuvering easy even when fully loaded. The plastic floor strip further increases its load capacity, allowing for handling heavy loads of up to 275 kg.

Thanks to its unique rotomolded construction, our container is completely seamless and waterproof, making it easy to maintain cleanliness and ensuring the protection of its contents. It is an invaluable tool in industries such as gastronomy, hospitality, food production and processing, pharmaceuticals, engineering, textiles, and general manufacturing.

Technical data:

Material: Polyethylene
Dimensions: 1370 x 775 x 765 mm
Weight: 26 kg
Volume: 455 L
Capacity: 275 kg
Operating temperature: -30 do +80 degrees Celsius

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